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House GOP threatens to defund office that studies, advocates for working women

Nov 14, 2023
House Republicans recommended eliminating the budget for the Labor Department's Women's Bureau. Here's what could be lost if that happens.
House Republicans have recommended eliminating the $23 million budget of the Women's Bureau as a cost-cutting measure.
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What a government shutdown could look like: "Things start breaking"

Nov 13, 2023
With Congress approaching another funding deadline, we consider some of the practical effects if lawmakers don't avoid a government shutdown.
TSA agents are among the federal government employees who will stop getting paid as soon as a government shutdown starts.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

Can you still buy U.S. savings bonds in the event of a government shutdown?

Nov 13, 2023
Yet another shutdown is in sight, raising questions about which government services and operations will still be available.
Rest assured: In the event of a government shutdown, you'll still be able to access TreasuryDirect.
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House GOP considers a "laddered" continuing resolution as a government funding stopgap

Nov 8, 2023
House Republicans are considering different funding expiration dates for different parts of government, instead of one deadline for all.
"Laddered" continuing resolution is a new term to a lot of people, though Roll Call says the technique was used back in the early '90s.
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The economic impact of Kevin McCarthy's ouster as House speaker

What developments in the House could mean for a potential government shutdown, funding for Ukraine and more.
With Kevin McCarthy being removed as speaker of the House of Representatives, the chances of a government shutdown in November have increased, according to Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group.
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Federal government shutdowns cause economic distress for tribes

Sep 28, 2023
The U.S. government is obligated by treaty to provide certain services to tribal nations. Shutdowns force tribes to take on those costs.
The headquarters of the Yurok Tribe in Northern California in 2021. During the government shutdown in 2013, the tribe had to furlough about 70 employees.
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Federal firefighters may soon face a pay cut

Sep 27, 2023
Funds earmarked for the force's temporary raise last year are running out, as firefighters deal with longer wildfire seasons and more severe fires caused by climate change.
Firefighters douse a blaze during a California wildfire in 2018. Federal firefighters may soon face steep pay cuts as funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law runs out.
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For public good, not for profit.

Is there a better way to describe what we call a "government shutdown"?

Sep 25, 2023
The term is a bit misleading: Some government programs keep running even if their workers go unpaid. We asked experts for alternative terms.
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack answers questions during a White House press briefing. During a shutdown, some government-funded programs, like WIC, could immediately lose funding, while others, like Medicare and the military can continue operating.
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A government shutdown would stifle flow of economic data

Sep 21, 2023
The threat comes just when the Federal Reserve really needs a clear picture of how the economy is doing.
The Federal Reserve relies on government-produced data to make monetary policy. Above, Chair Jerome Powell.
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As another government shutdown looms, government jobs lose their luster

Sep 18, 2023
Workers have been paid after past shutdowns, albeit late. But there's no guarantee they will after any future shutdown.
Federal workers are subject to threats of government shutdown, which might lessen the appeal of a career in public service.
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