Five things to watch out for in 2019 in the global economy

Jan 1, 2019
It’s not often that a year is riven with so many momentous economic changes.  But 2018 was full of them: big ones — a large increase in government spending, low unemployment levels not seen in decades, trade conflicts, interest rate uncertainty, recession fears. Here’s a look at what 2019 inherited from 2018, and the issues to […]
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Record global debt: What it means for the next crisis

Sep 14, 2018
Global debt is on track to hit new highs this year.
An employee works on transmission parts at a factory in Lianyungang in China's eastern Jiangsu province on Sept. 14, 2018.  The Chinese economy revealed fresh signs of softness on Sept.14 with data showing the pace of investment slowing to record lows while retail spending and industrial production stabilized.
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