Whatever happened to "Cap and Trade"?

Dec 9, 2015
The big idea of companies trading rights to emit greenhouse gases has floundered in Europe.

What happens after the Paris climate talks?

Dec 7, 2015
Making an energy pledge is one thing, following through is a whole different story

Cutting CO2: the advantages of China's top-down system

Dec 4, 2015
Does China's political system help in setting long-term goals to reduce emissions?

French weatherman creates climate change storm

Nov 4, 2015
French forecaster may lose his job because of his book questioning climate change.

The winners and losers in new emissions rule

Aug 3, 2015
On the losing side of the new rules: coal.

Pope calls climate change a moral issue

Jun 16, 2015
In a papal letter, Francis says wealthier countries need to help poorer ones.

March in New York calls for action on climate change

Sep 22, 2014
Hundreds of thousands march ahead of UN climate summit.

For public good, not for profit.

Why adapting to climate change is so difficult

Mar 31, 2014
The U.N. climate group has moved forward, not just warning of climate change -- because it’s here. What are the barriers to investing in "adaptation"?

This is "virtually certain" to be a story about climate change

Sep 27, 2013
The world’s top climate scientists issued their most definitive report yet on the challenges and risks of climate change.

Forget Congress: How Obama can fight climate change solo

Jun 25, 2013
After years of butting heads with congressional Republicans, President Obama will announce climate change policies through administrative action.