The return of Glass-Steagall

Apr 6, 2017
Republicans, including President Trump, have been talking about bringing back Glass-Steagall, the 1930s law requiring banks to separate their commercial and investment banking businesses. Gary Cohn, the president’s economic adviser, reportedly told senators he supports that proposal in a private meeting yesterday, according to Bloomberg. If Glass-Steagall were to be reintroduced, what would that mean […]

Maine Senator Angus King wants to make banking boring again

Jul 31, 2013
Senator Angus King of Maine explains why he supports reintroducing Glass-Steagall and shares his thoughts on the rising costs of higher education.

UK banks face break up if they don't shape up

Feb 4, 2013
Britain’s finance chief has delivered an ultimatum to the U.K.’s banks: Obey our new rules or we’ll break you up. Some analysts say the U.S. should follow the British example.

Three steps to boost investor confidence

Aug 9, 2012
Banks are still huge, financial scandals still break -- even after the recession revealed flaws in the financial system. A commentator gives his short-and-sweet solution.

Former Citigroup CEO: Break up the banks

Jul 25, 2012
Former Citigroup CEO and anti-Glass-Steagall lobbyist Sanford Weill declared today that the major banks are too big and should be broken up.

Time to bring back Glass-Steagall?

May 16, 2012
Commentator Robert Reich says the Volcker Rule is not strong enough to prevent JPMorgan Chase-style loss.

Volcker Rule Ends Speculation, Creates Speculation

Oct 11, 2011
Of all the hundreds of rules passed to prevent another financial crisis, the one regulators begin unveiling today is perhaps the most feared by t...

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