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Is the gig economy really just the Uber economy?

Mar 28, 2016
Economist say Uber drivers are the largest part of this industry's workforce.
People sign up to become Uber drivers at a recruitment event.

A city in Central Florida is subsidizing Uber

Mar 25, 2016
No, really. Tax payers' dollars are discounting on-demand rides.

Companies offer small startups a way to outsource jobs

Feb 22, 2016
In the world of startups, some tech companies say full-time employees are too expensive.
New tech companies at the RocketSpace co-working office use the gig economy to outsource jobs.
Courtesy: RocketSpace

Glam App creators explain their beauty services model

Feb 15, 2016
The on-demand beauty app gives stylists the ability to book their own clients.
The Glam App provides on-demand beauty services to consumers. 
Paul Morigi/Getty Images for The Glam App

Weekly Wrap: 2015's stock market and the gig economy

Jan 1, 2016
Cardiff Garcia and Nela Richardson join Molly Wood to recap the week that was.

How to give gig-economy workers stability

Nov 10, 2015
A coalition of gig-economy companies and labor want to find a way that flexible-hour workers can also have economic stability