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State-level redistricting fights involve plenty of money moves

Sep 3, 2018
The Labor Day weekend signals the last campaigning and fundraising push before the midterm elections.
Activists march to Senate Hart Office Building June 25, 2018 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Common Cause, American Promise, Take Back Our Republic and Represent Us and Fix It America co-hosted an event and visits to congressional members from New Mexico to urge the Congress to support 'the Fix It America Constitutional Amendment to reign in the influence of big money in politics and curb the abuses of gerrymandering in the redistricting process.'
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Hot new attraction: Chicago's corruption walking tour

Jul 19, 2016
A packed, but not exhaustive, tour of Chicago's notorious political chicanery.
American gangster Al Capone signs a $50,000 bail bond in Chicago's Federal Building. 
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