Entrepreneur starts over in Highland Park

Aug 25, 2015
A computer repairman confronts losing his home and business.

Highland Park Swap Mall: A Year Later

Aug 20, 2015
The brick building was home to men living on the edge, looking out for each other.

York & Fig: Where are they now?

Aug 20, 2015
We return to Highland Park for the second episode of the gentrification podcast.

York & Fig: A Look Back

Aug 13, 2015
Marketplace’s Wealth and Poverty team revisits Highland Park, one year later.
This former camera emporium, Frank’s Camera, is being renovated. The current owners hope to bring in new tenants soon. Up and down Figueroa Street in Highland Park, old businesses are moving out and new businesses are moving in.
Rafael Cardenas

London property boom fueled by dubious funds

Aug 12, 2015
Real estate bought with laundered money is pushing out London's working class.

Weekly Wrap: Gentrification and and the jobs report

Dec 5, 2014
We talk "York & Fig" on a national level and good news from the Labor Department.

York & Fig: How gentrification flips a neighborhood

Dec 5, 2014
How do cheap mom & pop shops, check cashing places, and appliance repair stores get replaced by hot yoga studios, vegan-friendly restaurants, and third wave coffee shops?

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Changing neighborhoods: York & Fig

Dec 5, 2014
Krissy Clark talks with Marketplace Weekend about her reporting in Highland Park

York & Fig: Perspectives on gentrification

Dec 5, 2014
Three Highland Park residents talk about their changing neighborhood.

Adapting to a changing neighborhood: Book Show

Dec 5, 2014
Book Show's odd, unknown, fringe, and quirky collection finds a home.