Gentrifying a public housing neighborhood

Feb 8, 2016
What if you could sell public housing land to developers of regular housing and stores?

New interest in area where black business once thrived

Feb 1, 2016
An overpass stands where businesses once stood; now residents are trying to get rid of it.
An overpass stands in the neighborhood that was once filled with thriving black businesses, and the iconic Union Station, that was torn down. 
Gabrielle Ware

Oakland struggles to be the anti-San Francisco

Jan 12, 2016
As the tech boom spreads to the East Bay, the city tries to maintain its character

Local Money: The changing face of Mid-Market, San Francisco

Oct 30, 2015
As part of our Local Money project, we spotlight how tax breaks changed a formerly rundown neighborhood in San Francisco.

My money story: Storyteller Brian Finkelstein

Oct 9, 2015
What do you do when the bubble bursts?

York & Fig: Confessions of an ambivalent landlord

Sep 22, 2015
A real estate investor asks herself if she can be socially responsible in an up-and-coming neighborhood.

A satirical spin on gentrification in New York

Sep 21, 2015
Two ad guys pitch a message of gentrification at a store in Brooklyn.

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York & Fig: How one lucky store beat the odds

Sep 17, 2015
In this episode, a mom-and-pop shop, a magical bus tour and public policy.

How Detroit students experienced the city's bankruptcy

Sep 9, 2015
The NYT video series looks high schoolers' optimism despite their surroundings.
A video journalist from the New York Times followed Denby High School students in Detroit to see the city's bankruptcy through their eyes.
Andrew Jameson/Wikimedia Commons

London's luxury housing mirrors NYC's upscale push

Aug 26, 2015
Low income housing is being demolished for high-end developments.