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Who will clean "thousands of tiny toxic waste sites all over our cities"?

Jul 19, 2023
Leaking gasoline storage tanks pose an environmental — and financial — risk to fueling stations across the country.
Photo Illustration by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images

Texas oil and gas industry should temper its job-creation claims, report says

Jul 19, 2022
There’s been a hiring uptick, but "we're only about halfway" to pre-COVID employment numbers, the author of the IEEFA report says.
In the early part of the pandemic, the Texas oil and gas industry shed 20% of its workforce.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In small-town Louisiana, the natural gas boom is paying a lot of bills

Dec 3, 2021
High prices are driving even more drilling in areas where fracking took off in the 2000s.
Grand Cane, Louisiana, sits above the Haynesville Shale, a rock formation that contains natural gas. Above, a drilling rig operation is shown behind Louisiana swampland.
grandriver via Getty Images

A turnaround for oil companies?

Feb 1, 2019
Some investors are optimistic that Big Oil has been able to ride out the plummeting prices of late last year.

Why low prices at the pump aren’t necessarily good

Jul 5, 2017
Here’s an official statement from the President of the United States — via Twitter, that is: “Gas prices are the lowest in the U.S. in over ten years! I would like to see them go even lower.” In the past decade, by the way, gas prices have been lower than they are now. But they […]

Meet methane: The potent greenhouse gas hangs in some regulatory limbo

Jul 4, 2017
Natural gas is billed as a cleaner-burning energy than coal, but leaks during production erode that advantage.
Natural gas is flared off at a plant outside of the town of Cuero, Texas.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images