The quest for french fries crisp enough to withstand delivery

Jul 8, 2019
The secret’s in the fry batter ... and the packaging.
Freshly cooked fries made by potato-processing giant Lamb Weston. The company has been working on ways to keep fries crisp during delivery.
Anna King/Northwest News Network

Late potato planting could affect french fry supply

Apr 2, 2019
Availability of french fries depends on the weather in Washington, Oregon and Idaho this spring.
Potatoes scoot by on belts at Balcom and Moe, Inc. in Pasco. The potatoes are rinsed, sized and put in bags destined for America’s supermarkets. The potato farmer and packer-shipper has been in business since the 1920s.
Anna King for Marketplace

Mr. Fries Man reveals a world of home chef entrepreneurs

Nov 8, 2016
This was the first time I’d ever bought french fries from a guy in a parking lot. And I had a lot of questions.
Craig Batiste — Mr. Fries Man — is part of an underground community of African-American home chefs in and around South Los Angeles who use Instagram to sell home cooked meals directly to customers.
Stan Lee/KCRW

Mac users are different than PC users

Apr 25, 2011
No, this was not a study in the most recent issue of the scholarly journal Duh. It's a set of data culled from some 388,000 people on the questio...