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Amazon's one-day shipping bet dents profits this holiday season

Dec 26, 2019
It costs Amazon more to deliver the average package than you spend on the item itself.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Free shipping has hidden costs

Apr 15, 2016
In his new book, “Door to Door,” Edward Humes uncovers the surprising details of global transportation.
Saul Loeb (Getty Images)

Free shipping day: why not year-round?

Dec 18, 2015
Many major retailers offer free delivery by Christmas Eve with no minimum buy.

Customers must spend more for free shipping

Oct 22, 2014
Online retailers raise average cost of qualifying for service.

The math behind tracking holiday packages

Dec 17, 2012
So how do all those packages really get from point A to point B anyway?

MID-DAY UPDATE: G20 and a deficit-reduction plan to save $4 trillion

Nov 11, 2010
From G7 to G20, learn about the organization of leaders of 20 of the world's biggest economies -- a lesson to prepare you for the summit currently...