At this Detroit frame shop, it might be time to bring another employee into the picture

Jun 30, 2023
Eric Vaughn, owner of a custom frame shop in Detroit, has been working with a two-person crew but might need a new hire for the fall.
"Usually, in the summertime, things kind of taper off because people are on vacation," said Eric Vaughn. "And right now, we're still busy. We haven't slowed up one bit."
Courtesy of Eric Vaughn.

With labor and supply still tight, a Detroit business owner finds an optimistic new normal

Feb 1, 2023
Supply chain hangups and labor shortages have frustrated small businesses. But for a custom frame shop in Detroit, optimism is high for 2023.
Eric Vaughn of Eric's I've Been Framed Shop has handled business smoothly, despite being down to just two employees.
Courtesy Vaughn