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For incarcerated women, worries about losing child custody

Feb 21, 2023
Women sentenced prison time worry about who will take care of their children — and if they will be able to maintain custody.
Lori Timlin (pictured), parenting coordinator at the Minnesota women's prison, said a huge worry for women serving prison sentences is losing custody of their children.
Courtesy Alisa Roth

Indiana group helps mothers recently released from prison find housing and jobs

Jan 3, 2023
Mothers on the Rise shows women how to navigate challenges that can arise for people with prison records.
From left, Savannah May, a formerly incarcerated mother, meets with Ashley Mager, project coordinator of Mothers on the Rise, to check in about work, supplies for May's toddler son and other concerns.
Alisa Roth

The challenge of finding work after incarceration

Oct 18, 2022
Getting a job with a record is hard, even in this labor market, says Robert Rooks, CEO of the non-profit REFORM Alliance.
Even in today's relatively hot job market, people who have served prison time may find it difficult to secure employment.
Octavio Jones via Getty Images

"People are just on their own": Inside one man's post-prison economic struggle

Oct 18, 2022
Noel Barrientos, now a Miami-based realtor, shares his struggles (and successes) of navigating the economy after being released from prison.
Noel Barrientos, now a Miami-based realtor, wrestled with  employment and parole fees in the months after being released from prison.
Courtesy Noel Barrientos

How a tax credit to boost minority hiring became a gift to temp agencies

Sep 6, 2022
Workers may not be the biggest beneficiaries of the work opportunity tax credit, says ProPublica investigative reporter Emily Corwin.
A woman waits for a job at a temporary employment agency in North Dakota. ProPublica's Emily Corwin discusses the work opportunity tax credit's benefits for temp agencies and the persistent lack of solutions for workers.
Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

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