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Foreign investors are cooling on U.S. commercial real estate

Feb 9, 2024
Some of the drop is due to high interest rates and economic problems back home. Office buildings continue a slow burn, one expert says.
The height of foreign purchases of U.S. real estate was in 2017.
Charly Triballeau/AFP via Getty Images

President's plan to tax foreign earnings

Feb 2, 2015
How Obama aims to raise $238 billion for infrastructure projects.

Making the inversion game harder to play

Sep 23, 2014
Washington wants to put the brakes on U.S. companies that skirt taxes by merging with foreign companies.

How an Illinois company does businesses in Iraq

Jun 18, 2014
Kai Ryssdal talks to Jason Speer, President of Quality Float Works Inc.

Will China's new 'free trade zone' live up to the hype?

Sep 24, 2013
This week, the Chinese government will open the country's first 'free trade zone' in Shanghai.