As customers buy more organic food, a call for more industry oversight

by Annie Baxter Sep 11, 2017
The market for organic food passed the $40 billion mark in the U.S. last year. As bigger companies get into the organics game, and more imported organic food lands in the U.S., more questions arise for USDA certifiers.
In 2016, organic food sales broke past the $40 billion mark for the first time. Above, a customer shops for milk at a Safeway's "Lifestyle" store in Livermore, California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Amazon-Whole Foods alliance could strain the organic supply chain

by Annie Baxter Aug 25, 2017
Online retail giant Amazon is on track to close its acquisition of the natural and organics grocer Whole Foods. Whole Foods has been losing sales in recent years as competitors ramp up their organic offerings at lower prices. Now Amazon…

Stadium chefs hope new food combos will hit home with fans. Brontosaurus Rib, anyone?

by Peggy Lowe May 19, 2017
They expect more publicity than sales of toasted grasshoppers or a patty melt on a funnel cake bun.
Aramark executive chef James Mehne shows off some of Kauffman Stadium's new food items, including truffled mac and cheese, lemon garlic rotisserie chicken and roasted Brussels sprouts.
Peggy Lowe/KCUR

Atlanta businesses are stuck while customers pass them by

by Marketplace Contributor Apr 5, 2017
An interstate bridge closed by a fire may not be fixed until June.
Matt Kane, night manager at Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, says the restaurant has sold fewer ribs since the overpass collapse nearby.
Elly Yu

Panera sold for $7.5 billion on success of mobile orders and healthy menus,

by Andy Uhler Apr 5, 2017
In the most expensive U.S. restaurant deal in history, Panera, that spot that touts itself as a healthy fast-casual restaurant, has been acquired by private European investors JAB Holdings. The deal is reported to be worth $7.5 billion. Panera’s headquarters…

Food labeling and liability laws don’t make it easy to feed the hungry

by , and Mar 10, 2017
America wastes an estimated 63 million tons of food each year, while 1 in 6 Americans are without enough affordable, nutritious food. We’re all responsible, whether it’s leftovers at a restaurant or that bruised peach that gets thrown. But one more…

Cottage cheese wants to be the new Greek yogurt

by Kai Ryssdal and Bridget Bodnar Nov 28, 2016
But how easy will it be for the dairy product to lose its dowdy reputation?
Greek yogurt rival or 1970s diet food?

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The ugly history of tipping in America

by Kai Ryssdal Apr 22, 2016
Author Saru Jayaraman explains why your gratuity has become the wage for many tipped workers.
The current federal minimum wage for tipped workers in the U.S. is $2.13 an hour.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

"Styrofoam" bans expand as plastic falls out of favor

by Amy Scott Jan 4, 2016
Washington, D.C. becomes the latest city to outlaw polystyrene food containers.

Food trends to watch in 2016

by Annie Baxter Jan 1, 2016
Preservatives are out, but how could fried chicken be in?

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