If the Fed's nominees were confirmed, could they change monetary policy?

Jul 28, 2020
The central bank's board of governors is designed with checks and balances, so one member's influence would be limited.
Judy Shelton, left, and Christopher Waller testify during a hearing on their nominations to the Federal Reserve board of governors in February.
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Powell to give Congress another economic assessment

Jun 17, 2020
By some measures, the economy is headed up. But that's coming from a deep trough, and the Fed chair is warning that there are risks ahead.
Consumer spending, manufacturing and business investment are still far below pre-pandemic levels.
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Fed Chair Powell to report to Congress on the COVID-19 economy

Jun 16, 2020
He's expected to elaborate on his pessimistic forecast that millions of people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic may not get them back.
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will testify before the Senate Banking Committee this week.
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The Fed may have been wrong about the economy for years

Dec 11, 2019
2019 saw a major shift in monetary policy. Does that mean the Fed has been wrong about the economy for years?
Fed Chair Jerome Powell speaks following the final FOMC meeting of 2019.
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Mortgage rates and the Federal Reserve, explained

Dec 9, 2019
Here's why long-term interest rates don't always move with the Fed.
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Fed meets ahead of interest rate decision

Oct 30, 2019
Economists think another interest rate cut is on the way.
A view of the U.S. Federal Reserve building. 

A divided Fed reduces rates but may not cut again this year

Sep 18, 2019
The modest cut — to a range of 1.75% to 2% — irritates Trump, who has insisted on more aggressive action.
Jerome Powell, chair of the Federal Reserve's board of governors, speaks during a conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in June.
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Why the Fed decided to be transparent

Jul 30, 2019
The Federal Reserve used to be an economic black box. Now Chair Powell holds press conferences throughout the year. How'd it get to this point?
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell decided to hold press conferences after each Federal Open Market Committee meeting beginning in January.
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What the Fed may be weighing as it decides what to do about interest rates

Jul 29, 2019
Unemployment is low. Consumer spending is high. But we're also in a trade war with China, and growth is slowing around the world.
A view of the Federal Reserve building in Washington, D.C.
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What the Federal Reserve’s policy statements can reveal about its mindset

Jun 19, 2019
A single word can indicate the central bank’s attitude toward interest rates.
Federal Reserve statements are scrutinized for clues about the Fed’s future actions. Above, Fed Chair Jerome Powell.
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