Lawmakers consider flood insurance rules

Jan 13, 2016
The government wants more private companies to provide flood insurance so it won't have to.

Mississippi River floods could have a major impact on shipping

Dec 31, 2015
Record rainfall and floods have already taken lives and damaged communities.

In Texas, a coal mine opens to power Mexico

Aug 25, 2015
Border town residents are nearly united in opposition to the strip mine.

In Texas floods, homeowners count the cost

May 27, 2015
Insurance will cover some people. Others couldn't afford the premiums.

Texas floods have business owners singing the blues

May 26, 2015
One business owner shares her story.

NASA's new satellite attracts data-hungry businesses

Jan 29, 2015
Satellite with moisture-sensitive sensors will orbit Earth to peer into the dirt.

Anger towards government follows in wake of Beijing flood

Jul 23, 2012
In Beijing, six months-worth of rain fell over the weekend. The storm has reportedly killed 37 people; almost 60,000 are out of their homes. Anger is reportedly turning from Mother Nature to the government.

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