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Many in flood zones don't carry flood insurance

Aug 10, 2016
Flooding is the most expensive — and most frequent — natural disaster.
Lerry Linger, a resident of Martinsburg, W. Va. sits by her bed in the van she's been sleeping in as she volunteers at a donation station in Clendenin.
Anne Li

Why Houston keeps flooding

Apr 19, 2016
Flooding in and around Houston has killed at least five people and prompted mass rescues
Children play in flood waters in the Kelliwood Park neighborhood of Katy, Texas. Flooding in and around Houston has killed at least five people and prompted mass rescues. Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster in nine counties.  
STR/AFP/Getty Images

Brazil's economic troubles overshadow dam disaster

Mar 7, 2016
Two dams collapsing led to the largest environmental disaster in Brazil's history.
A fireman rescues in Paracatu de Baixo, Minas Gerais, Brazil on November 9, 2015 a dog that was trapped in the mud that swept through the Village of Bento Rodrigues. The tragedy occurred when waste reservoirs at the Samarco iron ore mine burst open, unleashing a sea of muck that flattened the nearby village.
Douglas Magno/AFP/Getty Images

Record floods in Missouri spur debate over levees

Feb 8, 2016
Some blame the floods on nature, others say public policy made things worse
Residents and business are seen submerged in flood water from the Meremac River on December 31, 2015 in downtown Pacific, Missouri. The St. Louis area and surrounding region are experiencing record flood crests of the Mississippi, Missouri and Meremac Rivers after days of record rainfall.
Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

When it pours in dry LA, water quickly runs out to sea

Jan 13, 2016
In a dry region, the city of Los Angeles was designed to shed rainfall fast.

Lawmakers consider flood insurance rules

Jan 13, 2016
The government wants more private companies to provide flood insurance so it won't have to.

Miami's flooded future

Oct 18, 2013
Miami is one of the cities most threatened by climate change. Will it be able to adapt in time?

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Unprepared for rain, Colorado pays the price

Sep 16, 2013
Colorado is equipped to deal with all sorts of natural disasters, from raging fire to heavy snow. But this torrential rain has caught Colorado off guard.