A rise in foreign industrial trawlers off the coast of Senegal is causing local fishermen to lose their livelihoods

Apr 19, 2018
West Africa loses $1.3 billion a year as a result of illegal fishing from foreign trawlers. Senegal, the country hardest hit, loses $300 million a year, or 2 percent of its GDP.
A beach in Dakar is full of unused pirogues, or wooden fishing boats. Senegal loses an estimated $300 million a year as a result of competition from foreign industrial trawlers that fish off its coast.
Photo courtesy of Zach Campbell

Do farmed Atlantic salmon have a future on the West Coast?

Oct 30, 2017
Fish farm break: 150,000 Atlantic salmon escaped into Washington state's Puget Sound in August. Now comes the fallout.
Kurt Beardslee, of the Wild Fish Conservancy, wants to end fish farming in Puget Sound.
Eilis O'Neill/ for Marketplace

Wisconsin lake yields prized sturgeon, if you can spear it

Apr 6, 2017
Frozen Lake Winnebago is no deterrent for anglers looking for the huge fish that is the source of Russian caviar.
Freshwater sturgeon can be found around the world and can weigh up to 100 pounds.
David Silverman/Getty Images

How sustainable seafood can harm coastal communities

Feb 14, 2017
Lee van der Voo wrote about the 'catch share' system in her book 'The Fish Market.'
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images

On India's coast, fish is more than just dinner

Aug 11, 2016
Samanth Subramanian explores the role of seafood in India's local economies.
Idian fishermen put out their nets in anticipation of a big catch on the glistening waters near a beach at Goa, renown for its seafood. 

Could 'Finding Dory' hurt the world's reefs?

May 26, 2016
Many fear there'll be high demand for blue tangs, which are caught in tropical waters.
Between 100,000 and 150,000 Pacific Blue tangs are brought into the states each year.

The fish that launched dozens of ships

Sep 25, 2015
Don't mess with a Brit's cod and chips.

For public good, not for profit.

The path to the middle class in China

Mar 17, 2015
The nation's household registration policy is leaving many workers stuck in place.

Fishermen: Patiently waiting for something to bite

Oct 31, 2014
As cod fish disappear, we look at how the fishing industry might adapt

More than 85% of the seafood Americans eat is imported

Jun 30, 2014
Author Paul Greenberg says we could fix our aquaculture infrastructure.