What role should household wealth play in determining a student’s financial aid package? 

Jun 24, 2024
The FAFSA does not ask about two key measures of wealth – the family home and retirement accounts.
Some researchers think the education system should be taking a closer look at a student’s household wealth in determining financial aid.
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Free community college programs increase enrollment — and strain staff

Apr 24, 2024
Free tuition programs in two New England states have brought thousands of new students into community college classrooms. But they're also straining some schools' faculty and financial aid staff.
Fernando Garcia-Rodriguez, assistant director of Mount Wachusett Community College Educational Opportunity Center, and Cassie Peltola, a community outreach counselor, look at a FAFSA online application form.
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Vanderbilt will soon cost $100,000 a year for some students. How did we get here?

Apr 8, 2024
While Vanderbilt offers merit aid and need-based financial aid, its high sticker cost says a lot about college affordability in the U.S.
The cost for some students at Vanderbilt University for the 2024-25 school year? North of $98,000.
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Another FAFSA snag is delaying financial aid offers for prospective college students

Feb 1, 2024
There's a push to convince colleges and universities to extend their admission deadlines to give students — and schools — more time.
The most recent delay means school counselors will have a month less than usual to help students understand financial aid options.
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An improved FAFSA is on the way, but delays mean students and schools will have to scramble

Nov 16, 2023
This year's form will be shorter and easier to fill out. But it'll also arrive more than two months late.
Colleges use the information on the FAFSA to decide how much financial aid to offer applicants.
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How much will college cost? A new initiative wants to make it clear.

Sep 27, 2023
More than 360 schools have committed to the initiative, but thousands in the U.S. haven't. That will make comparison shopping hard.
People gather on a quad at the University of Virginia. UVA is one of more than 360 colleges that have committed to being more transparent with potential students about the net price of attendance.
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Revised FAFSA could simplify a dreaded rite of passage for students

Aug 29, 2023
It’s intended to make the process of getting financial aid less painful.
Over 40% of high school seniors didn’t submit the FAFSA last year, according to the National College Attainment Network.
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For public good, not for profit.

Millions of high schoolers don't fill out financial aid forms — and leave billions on the table

Jan 31, 2023
You can't get federal grants unless you fill out the FAFSA.
Billions of dollars in Pell Grant money went unused last year. At least seven states have made filling out the FAFSA a requirement for high school graduation.
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Most financial aid offers have a fuzzy bottom line, GAO reports

Dec 9, 2022
More than 90% of American colleges write offers without stating the net price. That makes it hard for prospective students to compare schools.
More than 90% of American colleges either don’t supply the final price in those letters or understate it, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office.
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Massachusetts college eliminates loans and work requirements from student aid

Jun 13, 2022
Might other private colleges follow Williams College's lead?
Daniela Corona stands outside the admissions building where she works as a tour guide at Williams College.
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