Why e-books make things complicated for libraries

Dec 4, 2019
Digital books are more expensive than physical books and create logistical challenges for libraries.
A librarian displays a recently-arrived e-book at the Chicago Public Library in 2000.
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Keeping track of Ebola

Nov 5, 2014
Reporter Colin Baker talks through the difficulties of collecting data on Ebola.

Kim Dotcom goes 'Mega'

Jan 21, 2013
The controversial and colorful online troublemaker Kim Dotcom has a new business venture. His last one, the file-sharing site Megaupload, got him indicted by American authorities, who say he got rich pirating content. He's new venture is just called Mega.

Google hiding 'pirate' sites to make friends in Hollywood

Aug 14, 2012
As the search giant branches into Hollywood, it takes a tougher stance on copyright issues.

Google steps into file sharing scrap

Mar 21, 2012
The search giant backs up Hotfile in action against the Motion Picture Association of America.

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