Unemployment insurance is broken. How can it be fixed?

Nov 18, 2020
When tens of millions of workers were laid off and applied for benefits in the spring, the system crashed. Here are some ideas for making it work better.
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Jobless Americans struggle to get and keep benefits

Nov 4, 2020
More than seven months into the pandemic, more people are filing for unemployment benefits every week than at any point in the Great Recession.
Protesters call on Florida to fix its unemployment system in May. Americans are still struggling to get unemployment benefits, more than seven months into the pandemic.
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Trump's Lost Wages Assistance money isn't enough for many unemployed

Sep 11, 2020
As Congress battles over how to help those who are out of work in the pandemic, FEMA funds to replace federal pandemic checks are already running out.
A protester holds a sign calling for a fix to unemployment benefits at a protest in Miami Beach.
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