NAND mirroring could be key to unlocking terrorist's phone

Mar 23, 2016
'Groundhog Day' helps explain the new method the government may be using to hack into the device.
NAND mirroring can grant a user unlimited tries at guessing a phone's passcode.

The FBI may not need Apple's help to unlock an iPhone after all

Mar 22, 2016
Johns Hopkins professor Matthew Green broke the encryption on the iMessage system.

Encryption spreads as Apple battles the FBI

Mar 14, 2016
Companies are beefing up protections for users to better compete for our business
rotesters demonstrate outside the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) headquarters building in Washington, DC, February 23, 2016, objecting to the US government attempt to put a backdoor into the Apple iPhone. 

Are iPhones the new burner phone?

Mar 4, 2016
According to law enforcement, iPhones are the device of choice for some criminals
A protester holds up an iPhone that reads, 'No Entry' outside of the the Apple store on 5th Avenue on February 23, 2016 in New York City.
Bryan Thomas/Getty Images

Weekly Wrap: Apple and the FBI

Feb 19, 2016
Sudeep Reddy and Linette Lopez joins Kai to recap the week that was.

How our privacy became Apple's protective shield

Feb 18, 2016
The tech giant has steadily reduced its ability to access private communications.
Apple may get points for taking a stand on privacy, but "do you come across as un-American" asks Ben Schachter of Macquarie Securities.

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The Dispatch, Episode 3: Apple and the FBI

Feb 18, 2016
Molly Takes a look at the biggest tech story this week with her latest dispatch
Apple CEO Tim Cook. Cook released a statement earlier this week explaining his position in the Apple/FBI controversy. 
Stephen Lam/ Getty Images

Police resources brought in to help with Mardi Gras

Feb 9, 2016
New Orleans is short police officers after years of budget constraints.
A float in the New Orleans Muses parade makes its way up New Orleans' St. Charles Avenue
Eve Troeh

Hackers aim to learn from Sony attack

Dec 19, 2014
U.S. officially blames North Korea, as hackers examine what can be learned