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Why demand for jeans persists across the decades

Apr 4, 2024
Part of denim’s staying power comes from its ability to adapt to the trends of each generation.
What do all of these February 2024 New York Fashion Week attendees have in common?
Christian Vierig, Daniel Zuchnik and Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Bethann Hardison on why changes in the modeling industry take so long

We hear how model and activist Bethann Hardison continues to fight for diverse runways.
Courtesy Magnolia Pictures

Why the fashion industry's commitment to diversity feels like a fad

Brands’ commitment to change the industry ebbs and flows.
Three looks from the Luar show during February 2024 New York Fashion Week.
Albert Urso/Getty Images
"'Suffocating.' 'Exploitative.' 'Opaque,'" are some of the words used to describe the contracts models work under, Variety's Tatiana Siegel explained.
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Inside Bethann Hardison's fight to progress and diversify the fashion industry

Feb 5, 2024
Model and agent Bethann Hardison has fought to overturn the culture of racism and discrimination that's pervaded much of the fashion world.
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Apparel brands turn to #curvy influencers to court online shoppers

Jan 26, 2024
In the increasingly online women’s apparel market, mid-size and plus-size influencers play a critical role in steering retail dollars toward brands.
Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for Ryllace

The lost art of making perfectly fitting trousers

Dec 29, 2023
Menswear writer Derek Guy explains why men's pants don’t look like they used to.
A cutter marks out a pattern at Huntsman tailors in London, England. According to menswear writer Derek Guy, fewer and fewer tailors understand the lost art of “ironwork” in the construction of pants.
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For public good, not for profit.

Stitch Fix's quarterly earnings spotlight changes in the subscription economy

Dec 6, 2023
The personalized clothing box company's results may signal how such firms are faring in the current economic climate.
Since a pandemic high, inflation and subscription fatigue have unraveled some of the success of subscription service Stitch Fix.
Daniel G. Wells III, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

How a personal stylist in Atlanta turned her eye for fashion into a business opportunity

Aug 14, 2023
Before she turned her affinity for style into a career, Valencia Holland was her friends’ “go-to girl” for advice on what to wear.
Valencia Holland has worked as a personal stylist for 12 years.
Courtesy Holland

How workwear went from functional to fashionable

Jun 20, 2023
From Carhartt to Timberland and Dickies, it seems like everyone is sporting workwear, including Rihanna and Barack Obama.
From Timberland boots to Carhartt beanies, workwear seems to be having a moment. It's popular even with people who don't operate heavy machinery.
Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for Pandora Media