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Fantasy football’s game plan: recruit more women

Nov 9, 2023
More women are playing fantasy sports this year, but the industry is still dominated by men and likely to stay that way.
Blade Cristobal (bottom right) poses with two of her friends and fantasy football competitors at their league's draft party.
Photo Courtesy of Blade Cristobal

Fantasy leagues are changing the way people watch football

Sep 21, 2016
Former NFL player Nate Jackson talks fantasy football in his new book, Fantasy Man.
Nate Jackson used to play for the Denver Broncos, now he plays on a few fantasy football leagues. 
Allen Kee/Getty Images

Do daily fantasy sports sites amount to gambling?

Nov 11, 2015
It's a matter of skill versus luck.

Buying a share of your favorite athlete

Oct 17, 2013
A stock market for athletes. Not as in the athletes do the trading, but as in athletes are the stocks.

NFL faces stiff competition from fantasy football

Sep 5, 2013
More and more fans are opting to stay at home and engage with fantasy football, and that makes some team owners worry about their bottom lines.

The reality of insurance in fantasy football

Sep 4, 2013
The NFL season kicks off in less than 24 hours. For all those fantasy football gamers out there, there's a new game in town: Insurance.