U.S. business ponder effects of Brexit breakthrough deal

Dec 8, 2017
Today, after weeks of often bitter wrangling, the Brits struck a last-minute, breakthrough deal on Brexit with their European Union partners. They agreed to some of the key terms of their departure from the EU. The United Kingdom will likely…

After Brexit, net migration to Britain tumbles

Nov 30, 2017
Britain’s government published its latest immigration figures today. They cover the 12-month period after the June 2016 vote to quit the European Union. Many who backed Brexit said they did so to curb the numbers of immigrants to Britain. Today’s…

In England, fewer people own their homes

Mar 3, 2017
The British government released the latest English Housing Survey this week. It found that home ownership in England has fallen to its lowest level in 30 years. It also noted that almost half of all the people in England age…

UK government welcomes Trump as it touts for post-Brexit trade

Nov 10, 2016
Most other European governments seem alarmed.
The Houses of Parliament are seen in central London.


What you learn from sheep on Twitter and Instagram

Nov 7, 2016
James Rebanks comes from a long line of shepherds and shares photos from his daily life on Twitter and Instagram.
James Rebanks/The Shepherd's View

England muscles in on Manuka honey production

Nov 1, 2016
Costly Manuka honey comes from New Zealand and soon, maybe, England?
Manuka honey can cost hundreds of dollars.
Sage Ross/Wikimedia Commons

English plantation now sends tea to China

Oct 31, 2016
England has just one tea plantation but its owners have big global ambitions.
Neil Bennett, head gardener at the Tregothnan Estate, inspects in the tea garden the tea plant Camellia sinensis near Truro, England. 
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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Brexit according to a Brit who has to live with it

Jul 8, 2016
Commentary from a 25-year-old on Britain's decision to leave the EU.
A U.K. passport sits atop the EU flag.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The price of keeping up a Downton Abbey-like home

Apr 13, 2016
When you inherit a fine old house, you need to find the funds to maintain it.
A view of the Milton Manor.
Stephen Beard/Marketplace

Britain's new bank chief takes the helm

Jul 1, 2013
Canadian Mark Carney takes over running the Bank of England today. Carney looks good and has star power, but some wonder whether the current adulation will last.