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The thermal spy in the sky that could help combat climate change

Sep 29, 2021
A small British company is launching satellites that can check up on your household carbon emissions.
Above, an infrared thermal imaging satellite built by Surrey Satellite Technology. A satellite of this type is under construction for Satellite Vu.
Surrey Satellite Technology

How easy is it to find an affordable, energy-efficient car? Depends where you live.

Jun 23, 2021
Amy Harder at Breakthrough Energy describes her car-buying journey.
Amy Harder in her new car: a prius. "I like to joke that it's like going into the grocery store, saying you're going to find the most exciting ice cream flavor ever, and you come out with vanilla," said Harder.
Courtesy of Amy Harder

California to flip the switch in the new year and phase out incandescent light bulbs

Dec 25, 2017
Light bulbs sold in the state will need to be three times more energy efficient than the old incandescent bulb.

A step backward on energy-efficient lighting

Dec 16, 2011
After industry agreed to the terms of making more efficient light bulbs widely available, Congress has back tracked on enforcing the law.

U.S. needs energy standards

Nov 18, 2011
Should the government invest more in energy efficiency programs? Creating more jobs depends on that answer.

Obama & co: Make 2009 the Year of Energy Efficiency

Dec 9, 2008
To face the long-term problem of global warming we need to be rooted in short-term reality. And the reality of the year ahead is a global recessi...