Get a discount on health care -- if you wear a tracking bracelet

Oct 11, 2013
Employers can give employees bigger discounts on health care if they participate in wellness programs. But what if instead of gym memberships and health surveys, those programs handed out devices that tracked your every step?

Wal-Mart to provide benefits to partners of gay employees

Aug 28, 2013
The nation's largest employer will give healthcare benefits to same-sex partners of full-time employees starting next year.

Employee Benefits in 2013: The good, the bad, and the uncertain

Jan 17, 2013
Will 401(k)s, health care plans, and vacation time benefit at all from the improving job market in 2013? Marketplace economics correspondent Chris Farrell takes a look at possible changes to employee benefits in the year ahead.

Summer Fridays off are a growing job perk

May 28, 2012
A way for companies to sweeten benefits at little cost.

Study: Intelligent people less likely to take sick leave

According to a new study out in the U.K., there is a correlation between intelligence levels and the likelihood that someone will end up on long-term sick leave.
British officials demonstrate how to sneeze during a visit to a school in north London. A new study in the U.K has found a strong correlation between intelligence and those who are less likely to go on long-term sick leave.

Are 'The Best Places to Work' really the best?

Jan 31, 2012
Perks are nice, but they're not what really motivates employees to do their best.