Nation's electricity grid gets a test

by Dan Weissmann Nov 12, 2013
The aging grid's main protection against attack is that it's too sprawling and complicated to all go down at once.

No, your phone doesn't use as much electricity as a refrigerator

by Adriene Hill Aug 23, 2013
Widely reported: your smartphone uses the same amount of electricity as two refrigerators. Why some ideas stick around, true or not.
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With choice comes risk: How to pick the electricity plan that's right for you

by Paddy Hirsch Aug 21, 2013
Power companies are starting to steal from the mobile phone playbook, offering free nights and weekends or pre-paid plans. This can save you money, or it can blow you away with higher bills.
Utility workers repair a power line in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Channeling Nikola Tesla's electric currents today

by Molly Wood Jul 26, 2013
The inventor has been cast as Thomas Edison's more magical nemesis and contemporary -- and he's currently being celebrated at the New York Hall of Science.

Power grid is tested by heat wave: Will it pass?

by Sarah McCammon Jul 18, 2013
A heat wave covering the Midwest and Northeast is expected to peak today -- and with it, demand for electricity to power air conditioning. People may be asked to conserve, but power grids expect they'll meet demand.
BURN: An Energy Journal

This smart grid can save power -- and lives

by Marketplace Contributor Jul 11, 2013
The U.S. power grid needs upgrading to manage all the stresses on it. The Army is testing a much smaller grid that cut fuel use in half, saving soldiers' lives.
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Poop power: A new generation of companies bet on a different renewable energy (Infographic)

by David Weinberg Jun 12, 2013
It's been tried before, but a new generation of companies is hoping that manure will become the next solar.

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Jamaican power company reacts to electricity theft

by Marketplace Contributor Apr 4, 2013
Power costs in Jamaica are among the highest in the Caribbean. Many poor people have devised ways to get their supply free and illegally. Now the utility company is cracking down on this theft.

Would you like some salt with your batteries?

by Molly Wood Apr 4, 2013
A promising new technology aims to store electricity for the power grid on the cheap.
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Sandy outages may help rethink power grid

by Jeremy Hobson Nov 13, 2012
Long-term power outages in the wake of Sandy have led many experts to scrutinize the power delivery infrastructure and look at how it could be strengthened.

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