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Markets spike on Egypt's sharp turn

Jul 4, 2013
Markets in Egypt rose so quickly this morning officials had to temporarily suspend trading.

A Cairo businessman's view of Egypts new chapter

Jul 4, 2013
Tarek Tawfik, managing director of the Cairo Poulty Company, discusses the political and economic challenges ahead for him and his country.

Twitter translating Egyptian tweets

Jul 3, 2013
Earlier this week, Twitter quietly launched a translation service.

Egyptian protests aren't all bad for business

Jul 2, 2013
Protests began on Sunday, resulting in a virtual shutdown of many local businesses for the third straight day.

Cairo stock market hits three month high amid protests

Jul 2, 2013
With protesters, the military and the Egyptian government heading for new confrontations, the stock market in Cairo is up.

Egyptian protests hurt small businesses

Jul 1, 2013
Egyptian business owners are hurting -- especially those who depend on tourist income.

Post-revolution Egypt: Not much better and about to get worse for the poor

Jun 7, 2013
The economic downtown that followed Egypt's uprising continues to make difficult circumstances even worse for the country's poor.

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Egyptians turn to 'gray market' for dollars

Apr 11, 2013
A foreign currency shortage has Egyptians turning to informal dollar exchanges to keep businesses going.

Egypt's loan delay is about prices -- and power

Apr 3, 2013
Egypt needs a loan from the IMF to right its floundering economy, but the money will come with austerity strings attached.
An Egyptian protester applauds during a demonstration in a show of opposition to Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood in front of the Presidential palace in Cairo on February 1, 2013.

Why mess with an undersea Egyptian Internet cable?

Mar 29, 2013
The Egyptian Navy says it caught three men trying to cut a big Internet cable that runs under the Mediterranean causing slow downs in the country and as far away as Pakistan.