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School districts are grappling with rising costs

Feb 15, 2022
As school districts start to plan for the future, they are trying to figure out if costs for things like fuel, paper and cafeteria food are going to continue to go up.
Inflation has affected school districts everywhere, as costs for everything from cleaning supplies to bus fuel has gone up.
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China to count bloggers and gamers as "employed" during pandemic

Aug 12, 2020
The news has fueled a perception that officials are out to inflate employment figures for a record 8.7 million graduates potentially entering a worsening jobs market.
Students at a job fair in Shanghai. An estimated 8.7 million graduates could enter the workforce this year during the pandemic.
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The Conversation: Money and education

When it comes to spending on education, what have you learned?
We want to hear your stories about education and money.
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What is a free MBA worth in the marketplace?

Mar 16, 2016
A new plan to make business school affordable will test the waters.
A University of the People student studies at a computer center in Haiti. 
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Study questions value of Tennessee preschool program

Oct 7, 2015
Old-school academics could explain lagging students. Critics say report is flawed.

American students head to Germany for free college

Apr 1, 2015
More American students are getting degrees in other countries with free college.

With Common Core testing, you get what you pay for

Feb 9, 2015
A look at economics of testing and new assessments tied to Common Core standards.

For public good, not for profit.

Average college student debt on the rise

Nov 13, 2014
But the people with the really big debt loads are not the ones to worry about.
Graduates of Bowie State University put messages on their mortarboard hats during the school's graduation ceremony.
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Competition for college kids extends to cafeteria

Oct 31, 2014
An amenities arms race, including serving fancier food, helps drive up room and board at colleges.

The high cost of principal turnover

Oct 30, 2014
Half of new principals leave in their third year on the job.