An incentive for saving

Feb 27, 2006
Hillary Wicai looks at an innovative state program to encourage poor residents to save up for home ownership.

Farrell on the Fed

Feb 23, 2006
Personal finance expert Chris Farrell tells Brian Watt that in some respects, new Fed chief Ben Bernanke is a refreshing change of pace compared to Alan Greenspan.

Hunger report

Feb 23, 2006
A report out today says that 25 million Americans use some kind of food assistance, up 8% from 2001. From the Work and Family Desk, Hillary Wicai reports.

The IRS wants you

Feb 22, 2006
The Internal Revenue Service reports millions of taxpayers are due a refund that will revert back to Uncle Sam if they don't claim the money soon. John Dimsdale reports.

Ballooning health spending

Feb 22, 2006
A new report out today predicts that healthcare spending will account for 20% of the GPD by 2015. Helen Palmer reports.

Markets to watch Bernanke testimony closely

Feb 15, 2006
The new Fed Chief comes before the House Financial Services Committee today for a report on the state of the Federal Reserve. Eric Niiler reports that the financial markets are going to hang on every word.

Labor's new strategy

Feb 15, 2006
Today, breakaway AFL-CIO members will offer their new strategy for countering the erosion of the union movement. Hillary Wicai reports.

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FBI searches foreign cargo terminals

Feb 15, 2006
Just a day after the World Trade Organization gave the European Union a green light to impose sanctions on some US exports, FBI agents searched the Chicago cargo terminals of two foreign airlines on grounds of possible "anti-competitive" behavior. Stacey Vanek-Smith has more.

New Fed appointee

Feb 13, 2006
Kevin Warsh goes before a Senate confirmation panel this week as a candidate for the Federal Reserve Board. As Scott Tong reports, his nomination has raised some eyebrows among Fed watchers.

Toll Brothers grim?

Feb 8, 2006
The luxury homebuilder predicts orders for new homes will fall by almost 30% this quarter. With this and other glum real estate predictions recently, what's the outlook for home prices? Alisa Roth takes a look.