Listening for hints from Fed chair

Mar 21, 2006
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gave one of his first public speeches last night. He didn't tip his hand much on interest rates. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

What's on the US credit-card bill?

Mar 17, 2006
Yesterday, the Senate raised the debt ceiling by another $800 billion. So now the United States owes $9 trillion. Hillary Wicai puts this in perspective.

Reich: Good debt, bad debt

Mar 15, 2006
Congress is poised to raise the nation's debt limit. The White House wants to boost the ceiling by hundreds of billions of dollars. Commentator Robert Reich says there's nothing wrong with debt, but it's what you spend it on that counts.

Cue the billionaires

Mar 10, 2006
The number of billionaires jumped 15% this year over last, according to Forbes magazine. Eric Niiler tell us why more people have joined the exclusive club.

Approaching the debt ceiling

Mar 7, 2006
The Treasury Department attempts to slow the accumulation of federal red ink today by issuing $7 billion in quick-turnaround bonds. Janet Babin reports.

China tends to its rural poor

Mar 6, 2006
China's Parliament kicked off its annual session yesterday. The hot topic: The rural poor. More than half of all Chinese people still live in the countryside, and they've been largely left behind by China's economic boom. Some have taken to the streets recently, and it appears the higher-ups have heard them. Premier Wen Jiabao outlined the plan to pump billions into rural areas to improve the living standards of its impoverished farmers. From Beijing, Ruth Kirchner reports.

Federal telecommuting

Mar 6, 2006
Four out of ten federal workers telecommute at least one day a week. As Hillary Wicai reports, it's part of efforts to make the federal workforce more flexible and more secure.

For public good, not for profit.

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No consensus on Census change

Mar 2, 2006
Today more than 400 economists and other academics will call on US Census officials to spare a $40 million survey to find out how federal programs help needy families. Scott Tong reports.

India's economic transformation

Mar 1, 2006
Scott Jagow talks to author Gucharan Das about the economic transformation President Bush is likely to see as he starts his visit to India today.

An incentive for saving

Feb 27, 2006
Hillary Wicai looks at an innovative state program to encourage poor residents to save up for home ownership.