The job market is slowing but not stalling out

Jul 26, 2022
It's unlikely a crash in employment would prompt a recession. In spite of a slowdown in job creation, the job market remains relatively strong.
Employers are posting fewer jobs and offering fewer signing bonuses, according to ZipRecruiter's Julia Pollak.
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Lowest-paid workers will likely feel the pinch of cooling economy first

Jun 23, 2022
Those same workers have seen their wages grow faster than the overall average in the last year thanks to the labor shortage.
Workers in low-paid environments, like restaurants and bars, saw some of the biggest wage gains during the pandemic.
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Millions have joined the labor force in the past year

Jun 3, 2022
About 3.5 million more people were working or looking for work in May than a year earlier. Economists hope the number keeps rising.
"Most people who have the ability to work from home are probably making a little bit more money, whereas the people who were risking their lives and people who are bus drivers or people who are health care workers are really feeling the pinch right now," says Lauren Kaori Gurley of The Washington Post.
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Job openings are still near record highs — and still outnumber applicants

Jun 1, 2022
There are almost two job openings for every unemployed person.
There are almost two openings for every unemployed person. That's good for workers but may be stoking inflation.
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The birth rate in the U.S. increased last year for the first time since 2014

May 24, 2022
Overall, births are still trending downward.
Birth rates tend to fall during recessionary times.
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We're about 3.5 million potential jobs short of a full recovery

May 9, 2022
We’ve now regained more jobs than we lost early in the pandemic in some sectors.
Now Hiring signs are displayed in front of restaurants in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on March 19, 2022. (Photo by Stefani Reynolds / AFP) (Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

Omicron’s peak coincided with key week for jobs data

Feb 2, 2022
The Bureau of Labor Statistics' "reference week," used to calculate employment, included Jan. 12 — when omicron was at its worst.
Because people working in leisure and hospitality are less likely to receive paid sick time, they wouldn't show up on January payrolls if they were out sick with omicron during its peak.
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Consumers confidence drags while economy takes a roller coaster ride

Jan 31, 2022
Higher wages and low unemployment are good news to people. Inflation isn't.
A Gallup poll finds that 80% of Americans think inflation will continue to rise in the coming six months.
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Consumers feel the pinch as inflation, omicron drag on

Jan 28, 2022
Despite good economic data like GDP growth, many Americans are not optimistic.
Though the economic recovery is going strong, inflation is taking a toll on consumer sentiment.
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GDP growth in 2021 signals a strong economic recovery

Jan 27, 2022
GDP climbed by 5.7% last year — the highest annual growth rate in more than three decades.
Much of last year’s growth was related to unique circumstances brought on by the pandemic.
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