Coffee table books weather publishing's decline

Nov 6, 2012
Though the publishing industry is struggling against the rise of e-readers, publishers of art books -- the big volumes that adorn coffee tables -- are doing well.

Publishers may start writing their own 'Big Book of Mergers'

Oct 26, 2012
Merger talks between Random House and Penguin could be the first sign of a big shake-up for the publishing industry.

As publishing declines, bookshelves evolve

Oct 19, 2012
The long decline of the physical book is affecting how bookcases are marketed and used in homes.

How e-books can move forward after price-fixing lawsuit

Apr 12, 2012
The Department of Justice is accusing Apple and five publishers fixing prices for electronic books, or e-books. Three of the publishers have already settled.

Apple sued over price fixing on e-books

Apr 11, 2012
The Department of Justice is suing Apple. The charges? Price fixing. Not for Apple laptops, or Apple iPads -- but for the e-books you read on them.
Daily Pulse

E-book sales lure once-skeptical authors

Nov 29, 2011
Ray Bradbury's classic "Fahrenheit 451" available as e-book for first time.

Expelliarmus to getting those books when you wanted

Oct 4, 2011
People waiting to get their hands on a Harry Potter ebook or digital audio book[ will have to wait a little longer](

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