Corporate infighting leaves New Jersey residents unsure who will clean up chemical contamination

Jul 18, 2019
Corporate infighting in an environmental liability suit has residents of a New Jersey township worried if their soil and water will be cleaned up.
WILMINGTON, DE - DECEMBER 11: Dupont corporate headquarters as seen in 2015 in Wilmington, Delaware
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Who owns the seeds bought by farmers and gardeners?

Aug 14, 2017
As companies like Monsanto and DuPont gain patent rights to seeds, one group of plant breeders is trying to create an alternate open access seed market.
Brian Campbell and Crystine Goldberg are breeding seeds for the Open Source Seed Initiative on their farm near Bellingham, Washington.
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Dow DuPont merger spells uncertainty in West Virginia

Feb 29, 2016
Some fear job losses, others have questions about environmental cleanup
State agencies in West Virginia estimate DuPont was one of the top five private employers in the state until 2006. Today it’s dropped to 40th, and a major portion of the company has been spun off into a new company called Chemours, the stat'e's 36th largest employer. 
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Is it enough for companies to make stuff these days?

Dec 9, 2015
Dow Chemical and DuPont may merge over 300 years of manufacturing history.