License, registration...and cellphone

by Molly Wood Jun 13, 2013
A state lawmaker in New Jersey has proposed a bill to allow law enforcement to confiscate a phone if they have "reasonable grounds" to believe it contributed to a crash.

When cars themselves are backseat drivers

by Beth Teitell Mar 18, 2013
Commentator Beth Teitell on the downsides of increasingly intelligent car technology.

Shorter yellow lights mean more red-light revenue

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Nov 21, 2012
Some cities with red-light traffic cameras are accused of reducing times for yellow lights to boost revenue from tickets.

Smartphone app fixes Boston potholes

by Marketplace Contributor Jun 14, 2012
Boston has a new app that lets drivers locate bad bumps, and sends pothole fix-it lists to city workers.

Chicago's speed cameras: Safety tool or cash cow?

by Susie An Apr 18, 2012
The Chicago City Council may allow allow speed cameras around the city, with fines as much as $100. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says it'll improve safety for kids. Others call it a cash grab.
Final Note

Drivers waste $7.5 billion of gas in traffic every year

by Kai Ryssdal Mar 26, 2012
That accounts for about 1.9 billion gallons of gas.
The Marketplace Reader

Another reason not to drive

by Richard Core Jul 21, 2008
As if gas prices weren't enough to discourage us from getting behind the wheel. The AP gives us reasons to watch out for who might be driving that...

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