Why Amazon is replacing Walgreens Boots Alliance on the Dow Jones

Feb 21, 2024
A Dow Jones committee considers company growth and investor interest when deciding which stocks to include in the index.
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Who are "the markets"?

Jan 6, 2023
Financial experts love to toss-around this catch-all term. What does it actually mean?
Traders working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange during morning trading.
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What’s the deal with after-hours trading, anyway?

Jul 3, 2019
Stock movements in after-hours markets get a lot of attention. But trading after markets close can be dangerous for small-time investors.
An empty trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange.
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The tale of two economies

Dec 25, 2018
The market tells one story, but economic fundamentals have a different version
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Dow Jones industrials sink 700 points as bond yields rise

Oct 10, 2018
Companies that have been big winners, including tech firms, suffered steep declines.
Traders work on the floor at the closing bell of the Dow Industrial Average at the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday.

Let's not panic about the Dow just yet

Feb 5, 2018
Economic growth is strong, unemployment is low — there were no major global disasters that could trigger the Dow plunging more than 1,100 points today. So what happened?
Personnel sweep the floor after the closing bell of the Dow industrial average at the New York Stock Exchange today.

What happened to the Dow today?

Feb 5, 2018
Let's break down today's wild ride in the stock market. Should you be concerned?
A trading board on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shows today's closing numbers.
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For public good, not for profit.

Why the Dow breaking 26,000 points is making some analysts nervous

Jan 16, 2018
While the markets closed today with a slight loss, they opened at a high point. This morning, the Dow broke 26,000 points for the first time in its 120 year history — and that’s after a year with practically no dips to speak of. But that lack of volatility has some market watchers a little […]

While the Dow spikes, the dollar falls

Aug 2, 2017
The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 22,000 for the first time today, thanks in part to strong corporate profits. But while all eyes are on the Dow, less attention is being paid to another measure of the U.S. economy: the strength of the dollar. The greenback has dropped 10 percent since January. Why? And what […]

Markets rally after Trump address, despite the lack of policy details

Mar 1, 2017
Markets saw a big bounce today following President Donald Trump’s speech last night. The Dow jumped more than 300 points, closing above 21,000 for the first time today. That follows an upward market trend since the election, which the president noted. But his speech lacked details about a lot of the promises he has made — […]