Yet another plan to save the media with technology

Feb 5, 2019
A new tech venture plans to let you, the reader, earn free articles by trading more data.
Square co-founder Jim McKelvey is at the helm of Invisibly.
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Facebook is looking to Instagram for the future of digital ads

Jan 16, 2019
Stories are the hottest social media format — so what if they disappear in 24 hours?
One analyst estimates that ads on Instagram will account for 70 percent of Facebook's new revenue by 2020.
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The world might be mad at Facebook, but advertisers still love it

Jan 15, 2019
The social media platform says it's trying to clean up its "data supply chain."
When it comes to user privacy, Facebook is trying to clean up its “data supply chain”: where the data comes from, who gets access to it and how it gets used.
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AT&T aims to bring more targeted ads to your TV screen

Sep 28, 2018
"It's absolutely about competing with Google and Facebook," an Ad Age reporter says.
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Regulation of digital ads could change Facebook’s outlook

Nov 1, 2017
As Facebook testifies to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, marketers aren’t any less interested in running ads on the social media site. The question is whether government may want to eventually oversee digital ads across social media, the way it does for broadcast media. Click the audio player above to hear the full story.

Political ad spending hikes prices, cuts inventory

Oct 24, 2016
If you're trying to buy a TV ad in a swing state, you may need to wait a while.
Michael McLean sets up to play his guitar for money near a billboard showing a picture of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton advertising the Democratic Presidential debate at the Wynn Las Vegas resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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Digital advertisers losing the 'bot arms race'

Apr 14, 2014
Researchers believe that more than one third of all internet traffic is from bots

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