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"Moral hazard" at banks isn't just a theoretical concern

According to Boston College's Patricia McCoy, data underscore concerns about the government's role in risk-taking at banks.
Data support the claim that too much government backing can incentivize banks to take more risks, says Boston College law professor Patricia McCoy.
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How to get more than $250,000 covered by federal deposit insurance

From creating joint accounts to patronizing multiple banks, there are ways to maximize FDIC coverage, says economics contributor Chris Farrell.
Having too much money to be insured in one account is a good problem to have. Marketplace economics contributor Chris Farrell explains how to solve it.
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You can protect more than $250,000 at a bank. But beware the “moral hazard.”

Mar 17, 2023
The FDIC allows coverage of different types of accounts at the same bank. There are also services that help you spread your money around.
Depositors are covered by the FDIC for up to $250,000, but there are ways to skirt the limit.
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A Nobel Prize-winning economist's view of bank runs and deposit insurance

Oct 19, 2022
Professor Philip Dybvig, co-winner of this year's Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, co-authored a seminal paper on how deposit insurance can help prevent financial crises.
Philip Dybvig jointly won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his research on bank runs, deposit insurance, and financial regulation.
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China's new deposit insurance is about systemic change

Apr 30, 2015
Making banks more careful... by reassuring them.