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A decade after its debt crisis, Greece's economy may have recovered

Oct 5, 2023
"In the last several years, there's been sort of an acceleration of an economic turnaround," said Liz Alderman at the New York Times. "We're basically at a point now where Greece is essentially booming."
"Huge numbers of people have been visiting Greece," said New York Times chief Europe business correspondent Liz Alderman. "That's helped to drive a boom in everything from construction to services."
Spyros Bakalis/AFP via Getty Images

Ray Dalio discusses the anatomy of the debt cycle

Sep 25, 2018
The founder of Bridgewater Associates, who predicted the Great Recession, has a new book out that examines the nature of debt crises.
Thos Robinson/Getty Images for New York Times

How businesses in Puerto Rico are recovering after Maria

Dec 18, 2017
"It's basically been a lot of effort to try and stay on my feet."
A convenience store in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico is open, after the owner lost $25000 in spoiled goods after Hurricane Maria.
Joanne Griffith/Marketplace

Puerto Rico’s debt crisis hits the territory’s schools

Jun 6, 2017
Schools around the country are beginning to close down for the summer. But in Puerto Rico, many schools, almost 180 of them, will not reopen in the fall. The mass closure comes as the commonwealth faces an ongoing economic crisis and tens of billions of dollars in debt.   Click the audio player above to […]

Puerto Rico debt plan calls for austerity, public spending cuts

Mar 14, 2017
On Monday, Puerto Rico's financial oversight board approved a new debt plan.
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Two voters in last year's Greek referendum reflect

Jul 20, 2016
The views of two women who voted differently on Greece accepting creditors' terms.
A Greece bailout referendum took place last year amid economic turmoil in the country.
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Puerto Rico's pensions — The money's running out

Apr 15, 2016
Many Puerto Ricans are worried about their retirement money in the face of the territory's debt crisis.
A view of the Puerto Rico landscape.
Filipa Rodrigues/Marketplace

Not even bankers can predict Puerto Rico's fiscal future

Apr 13, 2016
The people whose job it is to know what's going to happen in the markets are in the dark.
Filipa Rodrigues/Marketplace

Ponce, Puerto Rico: An abandoned city

Apr 12, 2016
Many of the businesses in Ponce are now for sale.
Filipa Rodrigues/Marketplace