Norway sees a future in giant subterranean data centers

Mar 27, 2019
The arctic nation wants to become a global capital of hard drives and servers.
Katie Prescott and Sarah Treanor at the Lefdal mine data center in Norway.
Katie Prescott

Behind every great cloud is a whole bunch of expensive computers

Feb 7, 2019
And the business of data centers for cloud computing is only growing.
"Essentially, data centers are very sophisticated systems for moving air around to bring it as close as possible to the [computer] servers and keep them cool," says Rich Miller, the founder and editor of Data Center Frontier, a news site that covers cloud computing.
Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images

Why your online memories are massive energy guzzlers

Apr 26, 2016
The hunt is on for data storage centers which use energy more efficiently
Aligned Energy developed a cooling system called “conductive cooling.” In this process, a heat sink removes heat directly at the rack or aisle, drawing hot air from servers and passing it across coils chilled by refrigerant. Cool air comes out the other side. 
Lauren Silverman/KERA