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DARPA looks to biotechnology for next innovations

Mar 31, 2014
An interview on how DARPA is adapting to a changing tech landscape

DARPA’s high speed Internet for soldiers in the field

Feb 16, 2012
DARPA, the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, is a highly innovative office of the Pentagon and its always coming up with these really amazing ways to kill people, spy on people, or spy on people with the intent of killing them later on. But one of its newer projects is all about Internet accessibility for […]

DARPA wants you to play a game

Jan 20, 2012
Ask any computer security specialist, and they’ll tell you it’s tough to stay ahead of the bad guys when it comes to keeping your systems up to date. Hacking groups like Anonymous love to break into computer networks just to show how vulnerable they are. The Pentagon knows this too, and it has come up […]

Darpa is funding a starship

Aug 19, 2011
If you think you can figure out a plan for what it would take to send people to other planets, Darpa might be willing to write you a check. The...

It's easy to lose a plane when it's going 20 times the speed of sound

Aug 12, 2011
Remember that super-fast plane we told you was going to be tested yesterday, the one that could fly coast to coast in about 12 minutes? Well the...

US military building a sort of internet rural Nevada

Jun 17, 2011
It's called the National Cyber Range and it's being constructed by the Pentagon's always interesting and usually somewhat disquieting Darpa group....

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