Former Fed official who oversaw reforms sees "deep irony" after bank collapse

"We've just seen an uptick in moral hazard," Daniel Tarullo says of the U.S. government covering uninsured deposits.
"One of those pillars of Dodd-Frank — which is to let banks fail and people will have the right incentives — we just can't rely on that," said former Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo, seen above in 2014.
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Behind the scenes at the Fed

Kai Ryssdal spoke with a former Fed governor about what it's like to be in the room when the FOMC makes a major decision.
The Federal Reserve building in Washington, D.C., in 2008.
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The Fed might not have inflation all figured out

Oct 20, 2017
Daniel Tarullo, former Fed board governor, talks about his new paper on why the Fed hasn't got it right when it comes to measuring inflation.
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks during a press conference after the Federal Open Market Committee meetings in Washington, DC, on September 2017.
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Outgoing Fed Gov. Daniel Tarullo says cyber security is top on his list

Apr 3, 2017
'It's just a much stronger financial system,' he says, than nine years ago.
Federal Reserve Board Gov. Daniel Tarullo has been at the Federal Reserve for over eight years. Wednesday is his last day.
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