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The federal government wants to know how much electricity crypto uses. Crypto firms aren't happy.

Feb 5, 2024
The feds want data from crypto miners. The miners may file suit to block the request.
Crypto mining consumes as much as 2% of all electricity in the U.S., according to the Energy Information Administration. Above, a bitcoin mining operation in Rockdale, Texas.
Mark Felix/AFP via Getty Images

FTX debacle worsens crypto's trust issues

Nov 21, 2022
The industry is trying to distance itself from the collapsed exchange. Can it?
Crypto skeptics and enthusiasts agree that the failure of crypto exchange FTX is an inflection point for the industry.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Crypto for kids?

Apr 14, 2022
A conversation with Rebecca Jennings of Vox on the growing new industry that teaches children about cryptocurrency, NFTs and Web3.
Internet culture reporter Rebecca Jennings says a growing cohort of camps, startups and media aim to prepare children for the future of the internet. What lessons are the kids learning?
Chaloner Woods/Getty Images