What we learned from Nishad Singh's testimony in the SBF trial

Oct 19, 2023
Nishad Singh, former head of engineering at FTX, took the stand this week in the fraud and conspiracy trial against Sam Bankman-Fried.
Nishad Singh, former head of engineering at FTX, took the stand this week and detailed the lavish spending habits of FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried, seen above.
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What to know about the Sam Bankman-Fried trial

The founder of bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX faces fraud allegations in New York.
Above, Sam Bankman-Fried after a court appearance on June 15 in New York City.
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Despite EU crypto sanctions, Russians are still using digital currencies

Sep 25, 2023
Crypto sanctions have caused headaches for many anti-war Russians who fled abroad, but crypto use within Russia is still common.
The goal of the the European Union's crypto restrictions is to stop sanctioned Russians from finding loopholes to move money out of Russia.
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Regulate crypto? Sure. But how? 

Jul 14, 2023
Both regulators and crypto bros cheer a ruling on Ripple Labs. Many call the regulatory framework governing digital assets outmoded.
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Crypto giant Binance in hot water with U.S. regulators. What's next?

Jun 6, 2023
The world’s largest crypto exchange is being sued by the SEC. What does that mean for crypto?
The world's largest crypto exchange platform has been sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over allegations of financial misconduct.
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Despite a recent rough stretch for crypto, Wyoming still wants its business

Apr 7, 2023
Wyoming is continuing its efforts to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream, but some are questioning whether that’s a good idea.
Caitlin Long, CEO of Custodia Bank, said that crypto has helped Wyoming diversify its economy.
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Has the banking crisis been a boon for crypto?

Apr 3, 2023
Bitcoin and other digital currencies are riding a wave of momentum that started last month after tumult in the banking industry.
Bitcoin came into being after the Great Recession. Its price rallied after recent bank turmoil.
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For public good, not for profit.

Federal regulators warn banks on crypto: Be careful

Feb 24, 2023
Three agencies aim to keep traditional banks from getting too involved in cryptocurrency, which has lost value and seen corporate meltdowns.
Although the Federal Reserve and other agencies are not imposing new regulations on  cryptocurrency, their joint statement highlights liquidity risks.
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Crypto marketing attracted a disproportionate number of Black investors. Here's why.

Feb 3, 2023
Black Americans were more likely to be involved in cryptocurrencies than white Americans, with many using crypto as their first foray into investing.
Attendees at a promotional event called “The Future of Blockchain Is Here!” in Bowie, Maryland.
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Can crypto restore its credibility?

Dec 13, 2022
Despite a raft of prosecutions and losses to investors in the billions, some say the industry has what it takes to find its feet.
Sam Bankman-Fried in 2021. The former FTX CEO was arrested in the Bahamas on behalf of the U.S., where federal prosecutors have indicted him for fraud and conspiracy.
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