Interest rates for retail credit cards reach all-time high

Oct 26, 2023
Rates now average nearly 29%, according to Bankrate. By comparison, the typical rate for a standard Visa or Mastercard is around 21%.
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Credit card delinquency rates have been rising — especially for young people

May 17, 2019
Oh, and the interest on that outstanding debt? It's getting more expensive.

Why you're still paying that rate on your credit card

Oct 13, 2015
Mortgage rates are down. So are auto loans. What about credit card rates?

Choosing a credit card

Jun 7, 2012
I am a graduate student in my mid-20s who has never had a credit card. While I have been able to get by without one, I have finally reached a stage in my personal and professional life where not having one has become a real inconvenience (when trying to reserve a rental car, for example). I would be grateful for advice on the cards, or kinds of cards, that I should seek or avoid for a first credit card -- as well as whether I'm likely to receive one, and (if not) what I can do to make myself a better candidate. Stephanie, Minneapolis, MN

Credit card trends

Apr 9, 2012
The credit card business is settling down, and no, the sky didn't fall following the Credit Card Act of 2009.