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What will happen to women of color in the COVID-19 workforce?

Jun 9, 2022
“In almost every single state, the first person to be vaccinated was a woman of color,” says the 19th’s economy reporter Chabeli Carrazana.
A registered nurse vaccinates an 83-year-old woman at her home in Manchester, Connecticut, in February 2021.
Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images

Federal funding for COVID testing and treatment for the uninsured has run out

Mar 22, 2022
Hospitals and doctors will no longer be reimbursed. The White House has asked Congress for $22.5 billion for its ongoing COVID efforts.
If people are confused about whether or not they’re going to have to pay, they are less likely to get tested for COVID-19, one expert said.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The U.S. health care system isn't set up great for COVID-19 testing

Dec 24, 2021
We have a slow regulatory process, fragmented providers and a focus on treating disease over preventing it.
Binax COVID-19 testing kits are handed out in the in Brooklyn, New York on Dec. 23. While about 40 companies manufacture COVID tests in Europe, stricter regulations mean only about a dozen manufacturers are approved in the U.S.
Bryan R. Smith/AFP via Getty Images

A new strategy to fight COVID: more home test kits

Dec 22, 2021
Starting in January, people will be able to sign up to get free rapid COVID tests mailed to them at home.
Rapid at-home Covid-19 test kits are ready to be distributed by the GreenRoots environmental protection organization and Chelsea Community Connections in Chelsea, Massachusetts, on December 17, 2021.

Potential hurdles ahead for Biden’s COVID-19 testing reimbursement plan

Dec 13, 2021
Insured Americans who purchase over-the-counter tests can get reimbursed. Universal free testing would be a lot less onerous on the consumer.
An over-the-counter QuickVue test costs about $24 at pharmacies such as CVS.
Scott Olson/Getty Images
A worker arrives at a COVID-19 testing site in Long Beach, California.
Mario Tama/Getty Images