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This holiday season, some companies are rethinking that open bar at the office party

Dec 14, 2017
Amidst news of sexual harassment scandals, some companies are canceling holiday parties while others limit alcohol or hire monitors to patrol the party.
Office parties often include alcohol, but some companies are thinking about limiting drinks or even eliminating the bar this year. 
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

When mergers fail because of clashing work culture

May 23, 2016
The reported tension between two huge healthcare organizations signals that good business mergers are about more than just numbers.
Anthem Health Insurance headquarters in Indianapolis. The health insurer is reportedly nearing a deal to purchase Cigna.
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Japan's population is plunging, so where are the babies?

Apr 20, 2016
The nation fights an alarming trend with matchmakers and a shift in workplace culture.
Kumi Matsumoto and her second child in Tokyo. On balancing the demands of motherhood and work in Japan, "I’m the kind of woman who does not think that quitting is realistic choice," she said. 
Sally Herships