Even a government non-shutdown comes with serious costs

Jan 19, 2024
Federal workers still have to prepare for a potential shutdown weeks in advance in addition to (or instead of) their regular duties. Waiting for a budget also has another price: the erosion of the public's trust in government.
The continuing resolution passed by Congress isn't exactly a win for anyone — it just keeps funding at around the current amount for a bit longer.
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House GOP considers a "laddered" continuing resolution as a government funding stopgap

Nov 8, 2023
House Republicans are considering different funding expiration dates for different parts of government, instead of one deadline for all.
"Laddered" continuing resolution is a new term to a lot of people, though Roll Call says the technique was used back in the early '90s.
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Farmer aid agreement removes obstacle to federal shutdown negotiations

Sep 22, 2020
The GOP wanted increased funds for aid programs to farmers, but opponents said similar aid has gone to big corporations at the expense of smaller farms in the past.
People living in rural areas are feeling the squeeze of higher diesel prices because they often drive longer distances and use diesel-reliant equipment.
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You may need to get used to the threat of government shutdown

Jan 18, 2018
This economy has been reduced to getting by on a never-ending series of four week budget stopgaps.
The House of Representatives has been holding virtual hearings during the pandemic, but lawmakers have been required to vote in person or have another member of Congress cast a proxy vote on their behalf.
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